How to Pair Wines With Your Favourite Foods

Wine and food are meant for each other. But sometimes pairing the right wine with the right meal can be confusing, it can even a little intimidating. We have good news. The first rule about matching wine and food is — there are no rules. Your own experiences and preferences are most often your best guide. But there are a few suggestions that may help you decide.

Remember that the flavor of your foods can either contradict or complement your wine selection. The wine should never overpower the meal, and your meal should never overpower your wine.

Go for balance. Ask yourself if the wine is intense or light? A light wine should feel like water in your mouth. A wine that's classified as intense or heavy will have a thicker feel like syrup. Pair heavier, more intense wines with more robust meals like steak and pasta. Lighter wines go well with lighter meals, like a light-flakey fish or salads.

Again, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Enjoy the process and have fun discovering new tastes and ideas. If it makes you happy — it's right. Here are a few basic pairings to get you started.

Barbecue – Red ZinfandelOysters – Sparkling Rosé

Chicken – ChardonnayPork – Tempranillo

Chocolate – PortRed Pasta Sauce – Chianti

Cured meats – Shiraz or SyrahRoasted Veggies – Viognier

Desserts – Moscato or Dessert WineSalads – Pinot Grigio

Fish – Sparkling RoséSalty Snacks – Sherry

Fried Chicken – Suavignon Blanc or ChampagneSpicy Dishes – Pinot Noir

Fried Seafood – ChardonnaySteak – Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit Salad – Gewürztraminer

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